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Does not work in MDI parent forms


I am using Windows 7 Home with VS 2008 Pro (in a project) and am unable to get the control to work in a MDI parent window (isMDIContainer = true). I am using the Dock Panel suite in the desired application ( ) and would like to use this as well, but believe to some extent the hooks interfere with one another - a greater issue is that even without the Dock Panel suite setting the control up in a MDI parent window results in either absolutely nonfunctional drawing or in (when BorderMode == NonClientAreaCustomDrawn) a fuzzy white border around the entire form that completely detracts from the appearance of the ribbon and the rest of the form. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't have much time to dig into this for a GUI feature, but great work otherwise for SDI applications.
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There is a work out posted at the Documentation.

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Hi, new version of Ribbon had released. Please visit the new development site of this project for latest fixes, info and downloads.
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